Stuff We’ve Tried: Garden and House Progress

Stuff We’ve Tried: Garden and House Progress

It’s my turn for a “Stuff We’ve Tried” post, and really, I’m just in the middle of several projects. To catch you up:

First, I should probably go ahead and break the bad news to you about my garden. Our spring crops were a fail. One gardener told us that we hadn’t planted by the right lunar cycle. We also had a freakishly cold spring. But ultimately, we think our grubby little veggies didn’t like the sterile (and expensive!) environment we’d created for them using half topsoil and half organic planting soil. We suspect they wanted more DIRT.

So, we’ve planted some cucumbers, squash, and beans there for the summer, and have mixed in a bit more DIRT. They seem to be happier, so we may yield some sort of crop. Up closer to the house, we’ve planted tomatoes and herbs in a bed together, and they are going crazy with all of the rain we’ve had lately. The tomatoes are heavy with their green fruit, so we’re having a hard time keeping the tomato cages standing.

Second, we are FINALLY FINALLY THANK YOU GOD making some snail-like progress inside our house. We started with the girls’ room for pragmatic reasons, the main one being that we went on vacation for a week in April, which would allow the fumes of oil-based primer to die down before we returned. Here are some pics of before and where we are now:





I’m still going to make upholstered cornices for their windows using fabric that inspired the whole color scheme, and need to finish slipcovering the chair cushions and ottoman. Other than than, we’ll just wait another year until we can get rid of the crib and have both girls in twin beds. Then I can work on their bed linens and whatever we’ll put in place of the changing table.

Next up: the mudroom and mudroom bath, which will lose its lovely “Mexican sand” fixtures and come into the 21st century.

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