Slice of My Life

Slice of My Life

Ambulance passes by our house.

G: “I thought that ambulance was coming to our house!”

Me: Wracked with worry that G’s been traumatized by the four or five times an ambulance has come to our house in the last year “Why were you worried about that?”

G: “I fawt [thought] they were coming here because I have the hiccups.”


Driving to the library one day:

G: “Does Jesus help all these people in their cars know how to get to the library?”

Long pause from mother – where and how do I jump into this question?


Yesterday we had a large group of old friends over, including all the pamphleteers and many little boys playing with each other in a manner heretofore not experienced by by the little girls of the house.

Me: “Did you have fun at the party last night?” (thinking I’d get a comment about the boys or maybe the food)

G: “Yes, but I wanted Auntie Nay-Nay [Renee] to go to her house and pack her fings [things] and come here and live with us until Christmas.”

Me: “But what about her cat? She needs to be at her house to take care of Biscuit.”

G: “She can get a lady to do that.”

(There you have it, Renee – you’re moving in with us. She has it all figured out.)


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