Pamphleteer News 6.14.13

Pamphleteer News 6.14.13

It’s been a slow news month in Pamphleteer World. I (Melissa) have been transitioning into summer mode with my oldest out of school now. More play dates, a few more activities – nothing too serious. And this is the time of year in which I actively do battle with the forces of nature that seem to want to eat my house. This means that I have poison ivy for the seventh – seventh! – time. At the dermatologist visit I made after last time, I think she began to think I was a bit impaired – and why wouldn’t she? She went back to square one: “Wear gloves, don’t touch anything with your gloves, take a shower when you come in…”

Renee reports the following: Moms (minor) surgery was kind of my thing, and for a while I was in nurse mode. Following that I have been in acquisition mode, buying a speedy new laptop, a plush new mattress, and (about to buy) a shiny new kitchen faucet. Next thrilling purchase – insulation for the house. Thrill a minute over here! That’s all the news I can think of at the moment… The Internet probably doesn’t want to hear how much fun I am having trying to procure the vet-requested stool sample from my cat.

Good times.

Amy has been in serious summer vacation mode. We all – pamphleteers and other close friends – got together on Memorial Day, which happened to be her just-a-little-over-29th birthday, for a cookout and some birthday cake. She’s having fun with visitors from California now, so we’ll expect her to emerge once they return home and she catches up on her sleep.

Like Renee, Susan has been in nurse mode as her father has been on the mend. It’s been quite a roller-coaster, so maybe she’ll share more about that soon. She also jetted halfway across the country for a conference about medical missions, which I also hope to hear more about soon. The pamphleteers and blog have missed her.

Now that parents are on the mend and travels (mostly) behind us, we’re looking forward to being a little more faithful with the bloggity-bloginess that we enjoy so much.

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