Pamphleteer News 4.5.13

Pamphleteer News 4.5.13

A few Saturdays ago, we had an OFFICIAL pamphleteer gathering, aka brunch with some blog business. We went to J. Christopher’s, one of my (Melissa’s) favorite brunch places in the universe. I mean, come on – egg white omelet with spinach and feta (Goddess Omelet) and a blueberry crunchcake? Perfection.

Since I’m the one writing this, I get to report on my perfect brunch. Other pamphleteers may have ordered grits, a food which hasn’t grown on me yet in my well-over-three-decades here in Georgia. ANYWAY…

After lengthy discussions regarding doctor’s visits, extended family, work, spring colds, upcoming travels, and more, we finally got down to blog business in hour three. We decided to make a few minor, fun changes to the blog that you’ll notice over the coming weeks. There are some things we wanted to share with you, our friends, that didn’t exactly fall into the category of “Pamphlets.” Like this, Pamphleteer News, and, joining the ranks of other blogs, Wordless Wednesdays. We also want to share some Stuff We’ve Tried with you, because we all enjoy trying new things from time to time (parachuting! gourmet feasts! chickens!). NONE of that is true…yet. Our topics may be a bit more mundane for now, but you never know…

Exactly a week later, Susan, Renee, Randy and I all sat together at our church’s Easter service on Saturday night. We go to a humongous church, so it’s awesome to have friends texting you before you walk in to tell you where they’ve saved you seats, and to see familiar faces in the seats next to you. Afterward, we all, along with my two little bits, went to Roasters for a pre-Easter meal. Renee and Susan are “Aunties” to my girls, so they were very gracious as they colored with the three-year-old and ‘baby-flirted’ with the one-year-old. (And this is why the girls love them so much!)

That’s all our news for now. Y’all have a great weekend!

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