#65: On My Magazine Addiction

#65: On My Magazine Addiction

Hello, my name is Amy and I’m a magazine-aholic.  I blame it on my mother.  Growing up my mother kept the house fully stocked with Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, and Women’s Day.  I loved to pore over those magazines, dreaming of how I would one day decorate my own house and cook for my future family.  I was obsessed with the crafts sections in the magazines, and did, occasionally, make things from the directions.

As a teenager, I had my own subscriptions to Teen and Seventeen.  And again, I would spend hours poring over their tips on how to style my hair, do my make-up, dress, workout and even decorate my room.  I still have a couple notebooks filled with the torn-out pages of my favorite pictures and tips.

My very favorite issues were the August issues filled with back-to-school, revamp-your-wardrobe, and make-over-your-look tips.  Does it get much better than a makeover article, filled with pointers sure to change your life? I would faithfully buy the newest shades of nail polish and eye shadow  certain that they would make me look exactly like the models in the magazines.  And while I knew deep down that I didn’t actually look like those girls, what those magazines offered me was hope.  I was always just one product away from perfection.  And even if I didn’t achieve perfection (OK, I never achieved perfection), my style did improve.

Today, I believe the motivation is still hope.  I buy exercise magazines because I believe that  perfect bikini-ready body can be mine in 30 days if I just do these exercises.  I buy decorating magazines because I believe my house will be beautiful, uncluttered and organized if I just follow these simple tips.  I buy cooking magazines because I believe I can have fabulous meals if I just follow these recipes.  I buy sewing and quilt magazines because I believe I can make all the wonderful things inside.  I buy fashion magazines because I believe I can learn how to dress fabulously.

Now I know I won’t achieve the perfection displayed on the pages of the magazines.  I know the pages are an illusion, a fantasy, a dream. But I still love magazines and continue to buy them. Because the thing is, I have followed some of the exercise tips and I have toned up.  I have followed some of the decorating tips, and my house is cuter and more organized. I have followed some of the recipes and they turned out great.  I have made things out of the sewing and quilt magazine, and it was fun and they turned out great.

And so I keep buying the magazines because it is fun to look through them and dream.  They feed my imagination and my creativity.  I am inspired by them.

Recently, I went through a stack of my sewing magazines and marked the things I want to make out of them, and I am challenging myself to work my way to the bottom of the pile.  And just yesterday, while looking at a cooking magazine, I said to myself, “It’s about time you made some of the recipes.”  So as I go through the month of May, I am challenging myself to both sew and cook my way through some of my favorite magazines. I will share with you the results as I go, so stayed tuned!

Amy- Bradley Hand

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