#47: On How to Survive Valentine’s Day

#47: On How to Survive Valentine’s Day

When I wrote my last post about surviving winter, I decided that surviving Valentine’s Day needed its own separate entry.

The difficulties of Valentine’s Day for a single girl are pretty much self-explanatory, and I previously mentioned that our house burned down on Valentine’s day, so I don’t think it’s necessary to explain why this is not my favorite holiday.

I have tried protesting it. I’ve worn black to work on this day. I’ve tried to ignore it. But those tactics tend to just make it worse. What I’ve learned over the years is that it’s best to a) get over it and b) embrace it.

Embracing it has taken various forms over the years.

One of my favorite Valentine’s Days was several years ago when Randy invited a few of us singles over for a lovely homemade spaghetti dinner complete with table cloths, nice dishes and wine. It made us all feel special and was a charming evening.

For several years in a row Renee and I had a tradition of taking ourselves to Lenox Mall for dinner and a movie and to buy ourselves our own presents.

At work, in the English department, we have exchanged names and had a contest to see who could find their secret friend the funniest Valentine’s Day cards. One year I received a card that played “Who Let the Dogs Out” when you opened it, which provided many moments of entertainment in my classroom for years to come. I still have it, and it still makes me smile.

A few years ago, at church, we had a games and crafts night with the kids on Valentine’s Day, and I had such a good time playing and creating fun Valentines with the kids, that I forgot to be depressed. Some of the kids even made Valentines for me, which completely touched my heart.

Last year, I flew to California a few days after Valentine’s Day and was in such a good mood over the upcoming trip, that I actually wore pink to work that day. I was even able to smile at all the kids in the hall carrying around enormous bouquets of balloons, giant Teddy bears, and copious flowers, instead of wanting to throw up..

This year, I will be in California for Valentine’s Day, visiting some of my favorite people in the world, so I’m not even worried.

As Renee wrote in her New Year’s Eve post, it really is all about adjusting your expectations and choosing your responses. Valentine’s Day may never be for me about romantic love, but it can be a reminder that I am loved and that I am blessed with wonderful friends and family. That is something I can celebrate. And this girl who loves pink, hearts and flowers, will no longer need to hide from the holiday that embraces them.

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