Morning Walks

Morning Walks

This is a picture I snapped on an early morning walk last week. I just thought I’d rhapsodize a little about living in the (sort-of) country.

Every driver that passes me while I walk waves at me. And it’s not a neighborhood thing – we don’t live in a subdivision. It speaks a mix of “Good morning,” “Hello neighbor,” and “Don’t worry, I see you and I’m not going to hit you.” Maybe a little “Go, girl,” every once in a while. I like all those things.

There is a stretch of dirt road on my 1.6 mile loop. I don’t know why, but that makes me happy.

I walk past a number of horses on my walks. Like the dirt road, this reminds me that I’m in the country, and makes me unreasonably happy.

This is a new activity that I’m working to build into a habit. Just a few years ago, pre-baby, I was in the best shape of my life and spent several days a week at the gym. Now – not so much. So I am relieved that I’m walking (a little) faster than my elderly neighbors.

Here’s to keeping it up when it gets cold!



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