#44: I’m a Horrible Mother!

#44: I’m a Horrible Mother!

I fed my children pasta with cheese and applesauce for dinner tonight.

I let them watch TV just so I could make them this lame dinner.

My children ate no vegetables today.

One daughter’s room is painted blue and has a duck border. Yuck.

The other daughter’s room is pink, but has a half-torn-down border and pictures hung where the previous homeowners left nails or holes in the wall. Niiice.

We are, at present, enrolled in no enrichment activities. No ballet, no gymnastics, no Gymboree…nada.

Bathing the children is an extraordinary feat of strength and endurance (for the adults). We don’t attempt it as often as we probably should.

One child gets a sweet tuck-in with stories, prayers, songs, and laughs with mom and dad. The other child does not. Scheduling snafu.

We rarely attend church, and I’m, like, a “professional.”

Over my many years, I’ve learned that the truth about people is in the eye of the beholder. I have many supportive people in my life who seem determined to see me as a fit, even good, mother. (Thanks!) And, unfortunately, I have at least a few dear souls who seem to enjoy seeing me as painted above. In my first few years of motherhood, I found myself defensive around the latter group, and then I finally learned to talk myself out of the tree.

Because here’s the truth:

I almost always make nutritious meals for my children.

They watch maybe 30 minutes of TV a week.

They do eat vegetables, and lots of fruit, every week. (But I know I’m not alone in wishing my toddler and preschooler ate more veggies!)

In those ugly bedrooms sleep two happy and healthy girls. They’re not opinionated about their room decor – at least not nearly as much as I am!

We save most of our “enrichment” activities for the summers, when there’s no preschool. There will be plenty of time for that as they get older. I’m a counter-cultural weirdo who believes that “busy” is counter-productive to the young brain.

These two happy and healthy girls are, generally, clean.

Admittedly, the bedtime ritual needs some tweaks. We’re easing them toward similar bedtimes so that we can move them into the same room this spring.

And church – well, here’s the thing. We had the flu in our house earlier this winter, and I have a toddler who still puts everything in her mouth. As long as the flu is rampant around here, we’ll be attending online church for the most part. I’m pretty sure God is cool enough to get that, and isn’t standing in heaven over my chart, shaking his head and saying, “She could get one more gold star for the week if only she would take her children to church!”

I get that there will always be other people (hopefully not too many!) in our lives standing by with gold star charts. As long as I understand that I should not be one of them, and that God is not one of them, then I’m doing just fine. I’m a good mom!

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