House Update 11.10.13

House Update 11.10.13

I am totally consumed by our latest house project. While other, I daresay more important, things in my life have gone on the back-burner, I am up too late every night on my laptop, hunting down light fixtures and trim details.

I’m tired.

So I’ve shown you pictures of our kitchen. She ain’t pretty. A recap for you: light wood cabinets with bright brassy hardware, beige Corian countertops with cork-colored racing stripes, vegetable and fruit backsplash with red grout, huge fluorescent lights, and a ginormous electric cooktop hogging the island. On the up-side, the cabinets are very well made and in good shape.

So Randy and I have spent hours and hours talking about the kitchen – what we want it to look like, how we want to use it, etc. Usually this talking has taken place after 11 p.m. I don’t know what our deal is – as we are filling up our glasses of water to go back to bed, one of us will say, “You know, what if the ovens were over there instead of here?”, and we’ll be up another hour, sometimes with graph paper and measuring tape.

We were ready to pull the trigger late this summer, so we started looking at countertop materials in earnest and talking to handymen and contractors who could help us through the rough spots. For some reason, finding a cabinet-maker who would make three cabinets for us has been tricky. Long story short – the one I first talked to in August who is crazy busy (he’s good!) has just let us know that he’ll be able to get us on his schedule – for late December.

Randy already had several vacation days on the calendar to begin the process in the kitchen. But once we learned that the cabinets wouldn’t be ready til late December, I began to get cold feet. Christmas without an oven?

So what began as a hypothetical brainstorm resulted in a sharp 90-degree turn, and our mudroom bathroom is completely demolished. Wahoo!

I’ve had over a year to obsess about the kitchen details. Of course I knew in general what I liked and wanted for our mudroom and mudroom bathroom, but that project was a while off. These were abstract concepts, lacking any detail whatsoever. To remind you of the job that is this bathroom: “Mexican sand” sink, toilet and shower (think brown + mauve, then shudder), phone jacks and light switches all over the walls randomly, and laminate stick-on tile.

So now I trade in sleep for time on the internets, trolling for lights, tile, bathroom fixtures, coupons and promo codes. Randy and I are pretty frugal, and we’re not trying to win any prizes for our home decor. So, for the most part, we get great deals on what we need as we shop big box, outlet, and antique stores. But I made the mistake of looking at a certain store’s website – if you know Friends, I’ll just say this: furniture from the days of yore. The mistake wasn’t in the looking, but in the falling in love with some sconces that are a new product, meaning no sale in sight. We may pay more for lighting this 25 square foot space than for a new toilet and pedestal sink. Lord have mercy!

(Once we’re finished, please come over and pet my pretty bathroom sconces, K?)

Randy is doing the actual hard work, ripping out the old Mexican sand fixtures and moving all the plumbing around. We’re losing the shower and moving a wall, which has involved a number of power tools and a GREAT QUANTITY OF CONCRETE DUST all over our house. (I don’t understand the science behind the magic ability of concrete dust to permeate closed doors AND tarps taped up floor to ceiling. Oh, and to continue to settle on furniture throughout the house days after any work has been done. Someone please explain this to me. Thanks.)

For a girl who loves all things interior design, I am ready for a break from these decisions. At least a short one. If you can’t find me in a month, look for me in my pretty new bathroom blubbering unintelligibly and petting my pretty bathroom sconces.

I’ll keep you posted!

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