#33: “Crack Sandwiches”

#33: “Crack Sandwiches”

I’ve mentioned my mother several times here on the blog already, and I hope you’ve been able to discern that she was a warm and wonderful mom. One of her many talents was that of decorating cakes, and she made all of us wonderful birthday cakes. She also made beautiful shower and holiday cakes for others from time to time. So it was not unusual for us to have a Tupperware container full of frosting in the fridge.

I don’t know why, but Momma didn’t use vanilla extract in her frosting; instead, she used almond extract. I’m forever ruined. Even the best frosting without almond flavoring is just kind of “meh” to me (OK, with the exception of a really good chocolate frosting).

Every once in awhile, she would buy a box of graham crackers and make little sandwiches with the frosting. Oh. My. Goodness. My mom could make Baked Alaska, but I much preferred graham cracker and frosting sandwiches to just about any other dessert.

Three years ago, my baby brother got married down on the beach. My two other brothers and their spouses, one baby, and two sets of parents (my parents and my sister-in-law’s parents) all rented a beach house together for the week of the wedding. As the groom’s older sister, I wanted to help with the rehearsal dinner, but I was also eight months pregnant, so I wasn’t up for anything major. So I volunteered to make homemade cupcakes for dessert.

And naturally, there was leftover frosting.

With almond flavoring.

So I requested a box of graham crackers from whomever was making Publix run number 17 one day. I made some graham cracker/frosting sandwiches and laid them out on a plate. Within a matter of minutes, they were GONE. Then I made some with the rest of the box. Again – GONE in a flash.

The next night, my sister-in-law’s dad asked for some more. I totally thought he was kidding until he specifically asked what he needed to buy at Publix in order for me to make more frosting. My brothers began referring to them as “crack sandwiches.” And that night as we played games, another box of graham crackers and batch of frosting was devoured.

Now, there are many prettier and fancier and harder desserts to make at Christmas. I will be making my share of those too: frosted sugar cookies, pecan tassies, and a to-die-for chocolate amaretto cake. But I guarantee you that I will be making a batch of crack sandwiches from the leftover sugar cookie frosting. (You know, this justifies it as not letting good food go to waste!) And will probably slip them into a large Ziploc bag to take wherever my brothers and I will go to play cards one night.

So, in lieu of an ACTUAL recipe, I recommend the following. It’s good to break up all that prettiness on a Christmas dessert table or tray, you know?

1 Buttercream Frosting recipe of your choice, with almond extract instead of vanilla
Red or green food coloring for the frosting if you want extra Christmas cheer
1 box of graham crackers (Don’t be fancy, people. Get the store brand!)

1. Butter the graham cracker with frosting. Try to wait until you top it with another cracker before you eat it.
2. Repeat.

Special equipment: (besides mixer for the frosting) butter knife
Oven setting: nada
Prep time: 5 minutes
Time I anticipate this will last in your house: 20 minutes

Merry Christmas Eve!

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