#20: Abracadabra

#20: Abracadabra

I have just recently started watching, from the beginning thanks to Netflix, ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”. I had heard people here and there rave about it, so one night I added it to my streaming queue and settled in to see what the fuss was all about. Three evenings and eight episodes later, I think one could say I was officially hooked.

I love a good story, and if there’s a happily ever after involved, all the better. I remember hearing someone say once that they preferred movies that were real and true to life. And I remember thinking at the time that real life is true-to-life enough for me, thankyouverymuch.

I welcome the opportunity to escape every now and then into a world where right always wins, and the good guy always gets the girl. I am all about make-believe and superheroes saving the day. I’m perfectly fine with a little magic as long as it’s used for good, not evil. And the hero and heroine should always ride off into the sunset together.

But the reality is that life doesn’t always follow the script I want to write for it. People get sick and relationships get torn and tensions rise and things don’t work out.

And if I’m honest, there are plenty of times I find myself looking for my magic wand. If I could just get my hands on it, I could fix everything. I’m sure of it. Sometimes I think I find it, and I start waving it wildly, convinced that at any moment, things will magically change and all that was wrong will be righted. It seems only fair.

I have a few things in and around my life right now that I want to fix so badly I can’t stand it. Illness, hurt feelings, misunderstandings. I want to snap my fingers or wiggle my nose or don a suit with superpowers. I don’t really care what it takes. I just want to do something. I just want to do something.

And it’s in those times when I’m frantically waving my imaginary magic wand around – to no avail – that I am forced to accept that we live in a broken world. And with that comes the realization that there are things in my life that I can’t fix. I don’t have superpowers. I’m not in control. It’s not up to me.

I’m not writing the story, and I’m not the hero of the one being written. Someone else is, and He watches quietly while I flail my arms about in an effort to make something happen. And when I’m exhausted enough to stop, He simply says, “I know. This isn’t the way it should be. But I AM.”

Maybe you’re a little like me. Maybe you find yourself more often than not trying to fix the brokenness around you. And maybe you’re exhausted and about ready to admit that it’s not working. Your loved one still has cancer; your friend’s still out of work. There is no magic wand, no fairy dust, no superpower to be exercised. There is only One who is waiting for you to stop long enough to hear, “Be still and know that I am He.”

The promise is not happy endings to all the stories around us, at least not in the here and now. The promise is peace. And peace, my friends, will simply have to do.

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