Susan is a native of Georgia (the US state, not the other one) who long ago learned how to be Southern and proud without waving a flag, drinking beer, or watching a minute of Nascar. She comes from a family where music and humor were always a note or zing away, respectively, and the love of both continues to keep her (relatively) sane. She has been a nurse for the past 23 years, but since the majority of those have been spent working with babies, her general rule of thumb is that if she can’t lift you with one hand, she probably can’t help you. She is, however, pretty good with numbers so would be happy to call 911 if need be.

While her roots run deep in the South, she is perhaps happiest when her branches carry her across oceans to see new places and meet new faces. After living in Eastern Europe for two years, she returned with fresh eyes into her home culture, but her heart continues to wander abroad. She has found outlets for her love of all things international by teaching English to immigrants one night a week and feeds her wanderlust by purposing to live in constant readiness for mission work or travel for pure pleasure if God, money, and time allow.

When she’s not planning a trip or working her 12 hour shifts, she can be found catching up with her entertaining family and friends, lurking the aisles of Home Depot in search for yet another replacement bulb for her microwave or making ‘to do’ lists that she will find – and revise – about a year from now. She enjoys gardening, dabbling at the piano, singing at the top of her lungs, snuggling with her dog and analyzing the world around her.

She lives in north Atlanta with a mildly neurotic miniature schnauzer who graciously allows her not only the privilege of feeding, walking, and cleaning up after her, but, on a good night, about 1/4 of a queen-size bed.

Melissa wants you to know:

Ah, Susan. Susan is light and joy and funny stories and deep thoughts. Susan will tell it like it is, and will usually make you laugh while doing so. I love Susan’s perspective on things, and how she bravely goes where others fear to tread – be it thoughts on singleness and marriage, the neglected bathrooms in the vacant house my family moved into, or the wilds of Africa. You should know that Susan is awesomely (but realistically!) ambitious. I love hearing about Susan’s latest plans and projects, and I know that you will too. I may be living vicariously through her just a tad bit!

Renee exclaims:

Susan is a baby, plant, and schnauzer whisperer.

Amy adds:

Susan and I don’t remember actually meeting each other, but it was surely through church choir, although we also took Spanish classes together at the same church. Susan is a thinker, analyzer, and dreamer. She is a list-maker. Susan’s back porch overflows with flowers and her house is filled with the happy shades of periwinkle, berry, and creamy yellow. Susan is passionate about missions and caring for others in need. I love to listen to her dreams and she inspires me to dream more myself. Susan has a quirky talent for dead-on imitations of our other friends, although each of us is certain that she would never imitate any one of us!

Susan and I can often be found discussing our dreams at a local Mexican food restaurant.


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