Renee is a writer by trade and a southerner by the grace of God. Her life is somewhat like the comic strip “Cathy” except without the boyfriend and all the “ACKS!” She is single and holds the line at one cat. She works for a ministry where there are Bibles in the conference room with stickers on them that say, “Do Not Remove From Conference Room!” and they take prayer requests before staff meetings. She tries to have a good sense of humor about all of this and most of the time she succeeds. This is her first website.

Susan says:

Renee is without a doubt one of the most intelligent, well read, and wickedly funny people I know, and I know quite a few. She is one of those people who make you feel a little smarter by association, even though you, in fact, are not.

I have no real recollection of when I first met Renee or how we came to be friends or any of that. I am somewhat suspicious that perhaps we never met, but rather that she somehow infiltrated herself into my life while I wasn’t looking. Either way, it’s all good. She has been my confidante, travel companion, supporter, online dating comrade, jester and friend for over a decade. The infiltration is complete. Resistance is futile.

You should probably know that Renee has a questionably healthy obsession with a certain television actor whom she calls her “fake Hollywood boyfriend”. I’m pretty sure she knows more of what’s going on in his life at any given time than her own, but honestly, she makes it look so much fun that I’ve wondered if I should get my own fake Hollywood boyfriend. To my knowledge, there are no fake wedding plans. Yet.

You should also know that we have all long suspected Renee of having a top secret blog in which our names have been changed to protect the unassuming. She adamantly denies this and declares this to be her first blog, to which we all say “Well, it’s about dang time.”


Amy adds:

Renee and I don’t actually remember meeting each other, but we know it was through the same church choir where we got to know Susan. Renee is a fountain of musical and literary knowledge. Renee is a also a great person with whom to travel. She will do preliminary research on the coolest restaurants and points of interest. She also knows where to find the best antique shops and quirky flea markets.  She is also one of my favorite people have around when visiting museums and botanical gardens. Renee has a wonderful sense of humor and I love laughing with her. I also love watching when she cracks herself up and goes into what we call “SAM” – Silent/Self Amusement Mode.

Renee and I can often be found laughing while trying various fun restaurants around Atlanta.

Melissa surmises:

Renee is a wonderful, loyal friend with beautiful, onion layers (without the smell!). You may think that you can sum up who Renee is when you see that kind smile, ministry-worker, often-skirt-wearing exterior. She will ask about you and yours, and you will think, “Oh, what a sweet girl!”

Oh, but you would be wrong.

I mean, she’s “sweet” and all. (I really hate that adjective for women. It’s so…degrading somehow. Shaves decades off our IQ.) But I dare you to ask her what she listened to and sang along with on the radio. I dare you to find out about the books she’s read, movies she’s seen, places she’s traveled, and characters she’s met. I double-dog dare you to ask her what she really thinks about the church, politics, or anything you find important. She just might tell you.

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