I grew up in California and a part of my heart remains there to this day. When I was sixteen, my family moved to Georgia where the other part of my heart was gradually won over by the South. I am a wacky medley of both worlds with a love of sunshine, palm trees and Disneyland, combined with an equal love of Spanish moss and magnolia trees.

I am single and have a love/hate relationship with that status. I fiercely love my independence and freedom, but also find myself feeling lonely at times and frustrated when I have to deal with home repairs or car problems on my own. I am proud to report, however, that I have learned how to replace every single part inside the tank of the toilet all by myself!!! Even though being single has also meant that I have not been able to fulfill my dream of being a mother, I have been blessed to be a part of the lives of many students through my job as a high school ESOL teacher and to be a part of the lives of the many sweet children at church.  I am also blessed to be an aunt to my precious niece and nephews in Florida, even though I don’t get to see them as much as I would like.

I love trying new things and going new places. I love to laugh and have fun and ride water slides and roller coasters. I love music, dancing, art, color and creative pursuits. I quilt and paint and sing and teach and cook. I love to study my Bible and sing on the worship team at church. Most of all I love spending time with the people I love, whether we are just hanging out and playing chicken foot or having grand adventures traveling to various parts of the world.

I enjoy writing, but it scares me a little. While this blog adventure has made me a bit apprehensive at times, I am enjoying being pushed out of my comfort zone and I am loving sharing this project with three of my dearest friends.

Renee thinks:

Amy is brilliantly artistic and will multicolor your world if you let her.

Melissa adds:

Now Amy – she’s one you want in your corner for sure. When I lived in Eastern Europe for five years, she emailed me almost every day to check in, tell me about her day, and ask about the details of my life. I lived with her when I would come back home for a visit, which leads me to the next thing you need to know about Amy – she is a true artist, and her house is awesome. Honestly, there are many “moments” in her home that are truly design magazine-worthy. We’ve been trying to get Amy to go professional with any (there are so many!  Pick one!) of her artistic endeavors for years now. Amy is a deep well, so I can’t wait to learn what’s on her mind here.

Susan says:

Amy is the kind of fun and friendly girl you meet at work or church or class, and you quickly decide to have lunch with her today. And tomorrow. And the next day. Her smile is warm and broad, her laugh genuine, and you can’t help but notice that her toenail polish matches her LOFT blouse. Years will pass, and you’ll find that you can’t remember the moment she made her debut in her life, only that she is securely, and permanently, there. And this will make you smile.

Amy is artsy and productive and always has a project going. Her home is as colorful and free as her curly hair is, and I’ve long suspected that if I were to stand in her house long enough, she would paint me. Don’t misunderstand. I don’t mean she would paint a portrait of me; she would paint me.

If you want to be put to shame in the Christmas decorating, natural food making, early rising and knocking things off your ‘to do’ list first thing on a Saturday morning department, Amy is your girl. Really, the rest of us need not try. Takes a load off, doesn’t it?

Amy is always processing through things, and I suppose that’s what makes her a great listener with whom to share my own thoughts. Her perspective is fresh and her feedback tactful and encouraging. I always look forward to hearing her “hmmm” when I throw something new at her and know there’s good stuff to follow.

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