About Us

Poised. Confident. On the ball. That’s us!

OK, we wish that was us.

We are a group of four friends who’ve all had writing aspirations, fancy ourselves clever, and find each other entertaining. So why not force ourselves on the internet and the world at large?

We’ve created this little outlet for our words so that they don’t spill out of our ears or make our heads explode. Our goal is to publish twice a week for now, and we focus on topics both lofty and mundane related to balancing life in these times.

Our ideal reader has pretty shoes and is awesome, intelligent, well-educated, clever, and is navigating through this world trying to make sense of things. This gentle reader likely has a sense of humor, and doesn’t mind silliness, is spiritual but not religious, and enjoys long walks on the beach, sunset, going out and staying in…

We just realized that this is our collective Match profile gone horribly wrong. Sorry.

Really, just literacy and internet access is needed, and typing is a plus (‘cause we want your comments!).

Where did the name come from? At some point, some of us (recollections vary here) expressed a desire to write a book. But then someone clever (I’m sure it was me!) said, “I don’t think I know enough to write a book. Maybe just a pamphlet…” and the jokes began. The jokes about a book of pamphlets turned into jokes about a blog by the same name. Then one of us called the others’ bluffs by buying the domain name, and the rest is history!

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